Rays: Brett Phillips is a ranch dressing blessing (Photos)

Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Brett Phillips is the best ranch dressing ambassador to ever exist.

Brett Phillips is not just a World Series hero for the Tampa Bay Rays, he is a walking advertisement for Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing.

You can laugh all you want. You can even guffaw like Phillips while he is being told a corny dad joke. However, there is nothing to laugh about when it comes to his October greatness at the plate or his undeniable endorsement of the cool but controversial condiment. Simply put, Phillips is a ranch dressing blessing. Veggie sticks have no chance when in the presence of awesomeness.

This is the greatest photo session we have seen since Gardner Minshew achieved perfection.

Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Brett Phillips is a walking endorsement for ranch

Given that Halloween is only a few months away, you have even more inspiration for what you can be this year. Though Minshew set the bar with his country album getup, Phillips certainly approaches it with baseball pants, a backwards hat, sunglasses and a “ranch dressing is a blessing” long-sleeved shirt. If you are not willing to change your opinion on ranch now, good luck.

What Phillips is doing for the ranch industry is more impactful than what Hulk Hogan or The Flintstones ever did for vitamins. Why eat a chalky vitamin when you can eat delicious produce that grows from the ground with a healthy heaping of ranch on the side? After this photo session, the only people on earth who are not Phillips fans are people who side with Team Bleu Cheese.

If Patrick Mahomes is the face of ketchup, then Phillips must be the new face of ranch dressing.

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