Red Sox fans can’t help but rub nine-game win streak in Yankees’ faces

Boston Red Sox fans are flying high watching their team win nine-straight games. The cherry on top? Watching the New York Yankees falter.

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a double-dose of success and schadenfreude. Red Sox fans can tell you all about it.

Boston is unstoppable at the moment. After losing their first three games of the season, they have gone on a tear. The result? A nine-game winning streak that put them top of the AL East.

The streak was threatened early on Wednesday when Luis Arraez hit a ball into left field with a chance to tie the game for the Twins. Alex Verdugo made a highlight catch to save the day, preserving the 3-2 victory.

Since Wednesday included a double-header, the win total quickly rose to nine. The second game was a less dramatic affair as Boston ran away 7-1.

Red Sox fans have bragging rights over the Yankees right now

It was only right to use a ‘Ferris Buehler’s Day Off’ reference.

Red Sox fans enjoyed the moment on Twitter.

It was made sweeter knowing what’s going on in New York right now.

The Yankees have lost five of their last seven, including a walk-off defeat to the Blue Jays on Wednesday. They have slipped to 5-8 and sit at the bottom of the AL East. The Red Sox won’t let them forget it.

It’s not just the Yankees who have to be looking at the Red Sox hot streak and shaking.

The Yankees will turn their attention to the Rays in hopes of righting their losing record. The Red Sox will look to keep the training rolling with another battle against the Twins on Thursday to end their incredibly successful road trip.

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