Jose Abreu risks injury on absurd stretch to save Carlos Rodon’s no-hitter (Video)

Chicago White Sox first baseman Jose Abreu deserves some serious credit for his incredible stretch to make sure Carlos Rodon’s no-hitter remained intact.

Pitchers get all the glory for a no-hitter, but there’s always a great defensive play or two behind the achievement.

White Sox pitcher Carlos Rodon should buy Jose Abreu a steak for the extra effort he put in to preserve his no-hitter on Wednesday night.

The first baseman did the splits to reach the base before Josh Naylor to open the ninth inning.

That’s the kind of play that can destroy a hamstring and end a season. Abreu deserves all the respect in the world for putting his body at risk like that for a teammate. That’s a 34-year-old and the reigning MVP leaving it all out on the field.

Jose Abreu’s play at first base was legendary

Abreu’s stretch was even bigger at the time since Rodon had a perfect game in his grasp. Unfortunately, he hit Roberto Perez with a pitch on the toe during the next at-bat.

While perfection was out of reach, Rodon went on to strike out Yu Chang and force a ground out from Jordan Luplow to secure the first no-hitter of his career.

Abreu struck out twice on the night, but his play at first base more than made up for the hitting appearance. The White Sox certainly didn’t need his bat after taking an early 8-0 lead. What they needed was what they got: All-out effort at first base.

It’ll be one for Rodon to remember. Every time he does, he should give a nod to Abreu. There was no question of Abreu’s status as a White Sox legend, but the photo of his stretch should be one of the iconic images of his career.

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