Chicago White Sox, Cleveland Indians

MLB must make example of Adam Eaton for starting unnecessary conflict with Andrés Giménez

A benches-clearing scuffle broke out between the Indians and White Sox thanks to completely unneeded behavior from Adam Eaton. 

Tempers flared in a Thursday showdown between the Chicago White Sox and Cleveland Indians. This all could have been avoided 100 percent, but outfielder Adam Eaton decided he needed to lose his cool for no reason.

In the middle of the action, Eaton slid into second base and Cleveland’s Andres Gimenez applied the tag. Eaton was ruled out and nothing else should have happened. Instead, Eaton blew a gasket and we got some drama we weren’t expecting.

Adam Eaton should be punished for shoving Andres Gimenez on Thursday

After watching the video for yourself, you can see quite clearly that Gimenez did absolutely nothing wrong here. He caught the ball and then wasted no time in trying to get Eaton out. Did Eaton think he tagged him too hard or something? This is baseball. Man up.

For Eaton to then get up on his feet, get in Gimenez’s face and proceed to shove him is completely unacceptable as well. Not only that, but it’s completely uncalled for. Because of Eaton acting so immature, we indeed ended up having a benches-clearing scuffle. Several players then got angry and everything was out of funk.

All this because Eaton didn’t like the way Gimenez tagged him. Major League Baseball no question needs to make an example out of the Chicago veteran. Could a one-game suspension be on the way? We wouldn’t be surprised if that ended up being the decision.

Eaton’s anger could have led to punches being thrown, or even worse.

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