Watch: RIP to this Red fan’s nachos, and also every shred of dignity

One Reds fan took a mighty tumble in the pursuit of a baseball, losing his nachos in the process. 

The Cincinnati Reds are at home Thursday afternoon against the Arizona Diamondbacks in front of a light, but still energetic crowd.

One fan in particular brought the energy, but not nearly enough. A home run was blasted to the outfield seats and a Reds fan nearly made an amazing catch. However, he bobbled the ball and, well, see the rest for yourself.

Reds fan loses nachos in hilarious tumble

Man down, nachos down, ball down. This is quite the wild sequence of events and the good news is that the man didn’t compound it all with some sort of injury. And he ultimately got the hug from his kid at the end so it makes for a bizarre heartfelt story told in about five seconds.

The best part may be another kid holding up the ball in celebration as the man tries to get up after his fall.

Nachos have been in focus at MLB games early in 2021. One Los Angeles Dodgers fan had a Justin Turner home run explode his own tray of nachos, but at least he didn’t fly down a few rows of seats.

This fan in Cincinnati may want to stay grounded when going after baseballs in the future. But hey, kudos for having the irrational confidence to try to leap down several rows with nachos in hand. Closer inspection of the video also shows that the tray was almost empty, so it was not a major loss.

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