White Sox fan rushes field and very nearly escapes the outfield (Video)

A Chicago White Sox fan rushed the field on Friday night, and very nearly escaped.

A fan rushing the field is nothing new — it’s actually quite common when fans are actually allowed at games. Now that MLB teams are allowing limited attendance, it’s not surprising that these sorts of antics are returning.

At Friday night’s Chicago White Sox-Texas Rangers game, a Sox fan ran onto the field in the south side of Chicago. Maybe it’s just the security guards at Guaranteed Rate Field, but said fan was able to juke out police, and very nearly escape over the left-field fence. He was caught at the last minute.

What’s the punishment for rushing the field at a baseball game?

A large fine and potentially getting banned from the stadium are at the forefront here, and it’s hardly worth the act. Rushing the field is hardly ever successful, and certainly not in today’s day and age when such an act is publicized on social media.

In the rare case that you’re not caught on the field, you’ll surely be identified on social either by a friend, or when you stupidly brag about the event after the fact.

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