Colorado Rockies, St. Louis Cardinals

Jeff Bridich resigning is Cardinals calling checkmate on Nolan Arenado trade

Jeff Bridich resigning as the Colorado Rockies general manager means the St. Louis Cardinals have undoubtedly won the Nolan Arenado trade.

With former Colorado Rockies general manager Jeff Bridich stepping down on Monday morning, all this means is the St. Louis Cardinals without question won the Nolan Arenado trade.

As Colorado continues to play awful baseball anonymously in the snow up in the Rocky Mountains, the Cardinals have two of the best corner infielders in baseball with Paul Goldschmidt at first and Arenado manning the hot corner. Even though Arenado wanted out of Denver, Bridich resigning means he did not get enough for the former Rockies franchise cornerstone in return.

Once again, trading a star player for essentially a bag of baseballs is only that and nothing more.

St. Louis Cardinals checkmate Colorado Rockies after Jeff Bridich’s resignation

At this juncture, the only two things to look forward to in Colorado this season are the upcoming All-Star Game and Charlie Blackmon’s beard growth. It is only late April, but watching Rockies baseball has to be the equivalent of watching paint dry, or in their case, snow melting. As long as Coors remains a sponsor of their stadium, they are sure to get their money’s worth from the fans.

As for St. Louis, the Cardinals are in a tight division race with all four of their rivals. Only four games separate the division-leading Milwaukee Brewers and the cellar-dwelling Cincinnati Reds. Ultimately, the Cardinals have enough offensive firepower to win the NL Central this year. But even if they do not and miss the postseason entirely, they will have a better season than Colorado.

With Bridich resigning from his post, it means one less person will be watching Rockies baseball.

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