Madison Bumgarner’s 7-inning no-hitter doesn’t stand for now

The debate will surely continue, as Madison Bumgarner’s seven-inning no-hitter won’t officially stand for now. 

On Sunday night, Arizona Diamondbacks hurler Madison Bumgarner had a game to remember going up against the Atlanta Braves. The veteran lefty could not be stopped and posted a no-hitter. However, that showdown was wrapped up after seven innings of action and not the usual nine.

Because of that, fans have been arguing ever since whether or not it should go down in the history books as a no-no. On Tuesday, it was announced that for now, it won’t be recorded as a no-hitter but instead as a notable achievement. This is only going to bring more and more arguments.

Madison Bumgarner’s seven-inning no-hitter won’t officially count

On one side of things, some D-Backs supporters are claiming the no-hitter should stand since it was officially a full game and Arizona got a win at the end of play. On the other hand, countless folks are saying that since it wasn’t a full nine innings, it shouldn’t count.

Clearly, MLB doesn’t know what to do either, which is why it feels like they’re tabling things here. It’s really a tough call either way you look at it.

Regardless of what decision is made in the end, there’s no taking away from the sensational showing Bumgarner had. On the season, the lefty has had his ups and downs, as he’s 2-2 with a concerning 6.31 ERA. He was getting lit up to start the year, giving up at least five earned runs in his first three starts.

His latest outing will surely give him confidence the rest of the way, though. No-hitter or not, Bumgarner will use that showing to keep grinding the rest of the campaign.

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