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Marty Foster’s blown interference call sent Twitter into a frenzied rage

MLB umpire Marty Foster put himself in the spotlight Wednesday with one of the worst calls ever seen in baseball.

There are several MLB umpires who always seem to put themselves in the news because of terrible calls. Marty Foster decided to take it to a whole new level Wednesday afternoon with one of most absurd calls in the history of baseball.

Foster called interference or obstruction in what had Milwaukee Brewers and Miami Marlins fans confused. Twitter also flew into a frenzy over the call that seemed like it had to be a joke.

Twitter reacts to Marty Foster trying to make himself the star of the show

What exactly is this? Foster turned a routine out into a total disaster and was clearly just trying to make some sort of ridiculous call.

Such a call is only supposed to be made in clear and obvious instances. What we have here is a player running on the grass who ends up taking a step to the side to avoid contact feet away from the base. All fans can do is laugh at the latest example of an umpire failing at their job.

Will Foster face discipline for yet another terrible call? Probably not, based on how MLB seems to operate when it comes to the umpires.

Calls like this can change the course of a game and it remains a mystery why umpires can’t get overturned by their own crew on such awful decisions. It makes everyone look bad and this is not a great look for the entire profession.

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