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Justin Fields plays the middle ground when asked about baseball fandom in Chicago

New Bears quarterback Justin Fields decided to play it safe when asked about his Chicago baseball fandom.

The Chicago Bears traded up to select quarterback Justin Fields and he is now seen as the new savior of the franchise. That is a lot to live up to, but Fields seems up to the task.

The 22-year-old is now making the media rounds and was asked about which Chicago MLB team he roots for. Fields provided the perfect answer as he looks to become Mr. Chicago.

Justin Fields is there to support the Cubs and White Sox

This answer is equivalent to saying he just hopes both the Cubs and White Sox have fun. Fields is a Georgia native after all, so his true MLB allegiance lies elsewhere.

Fields played baseball early in college and should be seen at games in Chicago at some point. Both teams would probably love to have him throw out a first pitch as well. Maybe his answer to the question means he will show up with a jersey featuring both teams.

Bears fans are ultimately not going to worry too much about which baseball team Fields prefers. If he leads the team to a Super Bowl, Cubs and White Sox fans may rejoice together in the streets of Chicago for what would be a legendary parade.

The hype in the city is real as the Bears look to start over after a failed experiment with Mitchell Trubisky. Fans are also thrilled they no longer have to pretend Andy Dalton is the starting quarterback. That is something Cubs and White Sox fans can both agree on.

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