New York Mets, Philadelphia Phillies

This Phillies fan needs his own MLB contract after this one-handed catch (Video)

This Philadelphia Phillies fan caught a Pete Alonso foul ball with his bare hand during Sunday night’s game.

When attending a baseball game, sometimes it is recommended to bring a glove just in case a ball flies in your direction. For one Philadelphia Phillies fan, all he needed was his bare hand.

During Sunday night’s game between the Phillies and the New York Mets, first baseman Pete Alonso smoked a 96.2-mph sinking pitch from JoJo Romero into the stands by the third base foul-line. As the ball descended into the seats, one man stuck up his bare hand and caught it without any hesitation!

Did we mention that the ball was hit at 97-mph? Because it was hit at 97-mph!

We recommend the Phillies sign this fan to a contract. With that awareness and catching ability, the team can easily place him in the outfield and not have to worry about a poor fielding percentage. Just saying.

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