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Myles Straw challenges Yankees fans ahead of Astros series in The Bronx

Houston Astros outfielder Myles Straw embraces the New York Yankees fans’ inevitable boos.

Look at Houston Astros outfielder Myles Straw challenging the New York Yankees fans to boo he and his teammates relentlessly during their lone trip to The Bronx this year.

Straw is really leaning into his inner wrestling heel with his comments ahead of the Astros’ upcoming series vs. the Yankees on Tuesday. Not since the sign-stealing scandal have the Astros played a game in front of fans at Yankee Stadium. There are few cities in America that will boo an opposing team they hate with every fiber of their being quite like New York. The world is healing.

This is how you rile up a fanbase to turn a baseball series into an entertainment spectacular.

Houston Astros: Myles Straw challenges the New York Yankees fanbase

Admittedly, not everybody is comfortable with wearing the black hat and playing the role of the villain in their profession. Most people do not find being utterly hated all that comfortable. While it remains to be seen if Straw and the rest of his Houston teammates enjoy being the most despised team in baseball once again, getting booed the whole time by Yankees fans will be a real test.

Overall, this series is one where two middle-of-the-pack teams have to get right. Houston and New York have been among the best teams in the American League for the last several years, but the Astros and Yankees are only hovering around .500 entering the first week of May. How this series goes up in The Bronx could be an early tone setter for these two underperforming teams.

Expect Straw and the rest of his Astros teammates to receive The Bronx’s kindest of welcomes.

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