Diamondbacks start baseball love story to rival ‘Fever Pitch’

The Arizona Diamondbacks responded to a fan on Twitter asking to help his friend out on his date and things went amazing. 

When baseball is back, love is in the air. That’s how the saying goes, right? Well even if we’re a little off, there’s no denying the two go hand in hand. Few things are more romantic than taking your partner to a baseball game and chowing down hot dogs and beers.

The Arizona Diamondbacks know this too well, which is why they were ready to help out a young man and woman over the weekend in the dating world. As it turns out, the guy’s friend reached out to the Diamondbacks on Twitter and the rest was history.

The Diamondbacks surely made the second date for a young couple oh so memorable

Props to Arizona for not only having a bunch of fun here, but stepping its game up to help these two out. As you can see from the tweet above, it looks like two free baseballs were given to these lovebirds. No word yet if those were signed or not, but we sure hope so.

From the wording of the tweet, it looks like these two were on a second date. The smiles on their faces goes ahead and tells us that they were having a great time. So, will a third date be on the way for the two?

After the Diamondbacks went out of their way to make these two Twitter celebrities overnight, it’d be hard to imagine if they don’t see each other again in the future. If things progress and ultimately these two walk down the aisle, the organization better be ready to host an unforgettable wedding at Chase Field in Phoenix.

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