Cubs fan dad makes son throw back home run ball to honor Wrigley Field tradition (Video)

Chicago Cubs fan has his son throw a home run ball back on the field to the delight of Cubs fans in Wrigley Field.

When your dad wears a Kyle Farnsworth jersey to the first game of a Chicago Cubs‘ doubleheader on a 50-degree overcast day in early May, then you are growing up in a serious baseball family.

As the Cubs went on to take Game 1 of the doubleheader with the Los Angeles Dodgers 7-1, the Farnsworth enthusiast had his son throw Keibert Ruiz’s homer in the top of the seventh inning back on the field.

As is tradition, that’s what Cubs fans do when the opposing team hits one into the bleachers. It was a total team effort as the Cubs improved to 13-16 on the young 2021 MLB season. Family first!

This is the epitome of father/son bonding time on the North Side of Chicago.

The dad replied to the video of the viral moment saying he got the ball when Mookie Betts tossed it to them an inning earlier, but he’s still hoping the Cubs hook up the kiddos with a ball.

Chicago Cubs fan teaches son about time-honored Wrigley Field tradition

The whole thing was a mood. This isn’t a guy wearing a Sammy Sosa, Ryne Sandberg or Anthony Rizzo jersey. To wear a Farnsworth Cubs jersey means you like pitchers with glasses who throw hard and aren’t afraid to get into fights. For the younger fans out there, think of Farnsworth as the 2000s version of Joe Kelly. Oh, I would know, as his brother taught Latin at my high school.

I wish I was making that up, but Mr. Farnsworth was the academic and his brother, well, he was the athlete. Whenever Kyle Farnsworth toed the rubber, it was like watching Phil Brickma in real life. Farnsworth was never afraid to let the big dog eat. Unfortunately, no amount of hot ice could ever turn him into Henry Rowengartner. He did spawn dozens of worshipers who have sons.

To make all of the Farnsworths in the world proud, I humbly offer you this in Latin: Eamus Catuli.

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