3 moves the Braves should make for Ronald Acuña insurance

Drew Waters, Braves

Braves prospect Drew Waters. (Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports)

The Atlanta Braves are already low on outfielders and nearly lost Ronald Acuña to boot. These three moves would help give them some insurance.

There’s no replacement for Ronald Acuña. The Braves know that.

That doesn’t mean Atlanta should have some insurance for the star outfielder. They already lack breathing room with a slew of outfield injuries. Acuña giving them scares himself should only heighten the need.

Here are a few ways the Braves can cover their bases.

3 moves the Braves can make for Ronald Acuña insurance

Bring up Drew Waters

Besides Cristian Pache, who is now on the injured list with hamstring tightness, the Braves have another bright young outfield prospect they could give a chance to.

No. 2 prospect Drew Waters is currently with Triple-A Gwinnet awaiting his chance to move up.

Aside from his injury troubles, Pache looked likely to head back down to Gwinnet himself to continue developing. He has batted .113/.154/.210 so far in 2021.

There’s no guarantee Waters would do better than that at the MLB level, but the Braves won’t know until they try him out.

It didn’t look like there would be much opportunity to get a look with Marcell Ozuna, Acuña, Pache, Guillermo Heredia and Ender Inciarte available to start the season. However, Pache, Heredia and Inciarte are all out with injuries. Now is the time to be bold.

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