Kevin Pillar delivers emotional interview after serious injury (Video)

New York Mets outfielder Kevin Pillar just delivered quite the statement to his teammates after suffering his serious facial injury. 

It’s really been a rough 24 hours for New York Mets outfielder Kevin Pillar. On Monday against the Atlanta Braves, he was drilled in the face by a high pitch from Atlanta Braves reliever Jacob Webb. Since then, it’s been revealed that Pillar suffered some nasal fractures and will of course be out of the lineup for a little while.

In an interview, though, Pillar said he doesn’t feel bad for himself about what happened. Instead, he’s down in the dumps because he knows how badly his club and teammates are hurting. Really? Talk about someone being completely and totally selfless.

Kevin Pillar is being completely selfless after suffering his nasal fractures

“I don’t always enjoy the results of going out there every single day, but I do enjoy the challenge of being available every day and I enjoy playing,” Pillar said. “That’s the thing that hurts the most. My face will heal, but my heart is broken right now because this team is hurting.”

If you’re a Mets fan, we don’t blame you if you’re getting emotional after seeing these words from Pillar. This man suffered such a serious injury, but he could care less about how much pain he’s in. Instead, he’s more focused about not being able to go to battle with the other guys in the clubhouse.

The images of Pillar being bent over on all fours while blood was basically exploding off his face is something folks won’t soon be forgetting. The fact that he was able to walk off the field shows you just how tough he is. His mindset on being heartbroken over not being able to help his team also shows you just how great of a teammate he is as well.

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