Jean Segura had a hilariously unique way to stop this base hit (Video)

Philadelphia Phillies second baseman Jean Segura pulled a backyard move to try and stop a base hit from being recorded on Thursday. 

Leave it to Philadelphia Phillies second baseman Jean Segura to bring a big smile to your face this Thursday. In a showdown with the Washington Nationals, Segura was manning his spot at second base ready to make head-turning plays.

Well he did just that, but not in the way we thought he would. On a ground ball up the middle Segura, rather than lay out full extension for it, decided to throw his mitt at the ball instead to try and prevent it from reaching the outfield. Seriously, we’re not making this up.

Jean Segura throwing his mitt to try and prevent a base hit is priceless

What in the world was Segura thinking here? This is truly the kind of play boys and girls would try and pull off in grade school when playing against their friends. On second thought, what a legend. He decided to try and create magic on the diamond and he nearly did so. Unfortunately for him, things didn’t go as planned and he’s surely being made fun of it for it.

To make matters worse for the Phillies, Washington went on to cruise to a 5-1 victory. With the loss, Philadelphia is now 20-18 on the year and 1.5 games back of the New York Mets for first place in the NL East standings.

In what should be a tight race the rest of the season for division glory, the Phillies will look at Segura and others to try and keep things close. For Segura, he’s sure to record plenty of web gems along the way. Thursday’s blunder, though, is something he shouldn’t try again.

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