Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants

Trevor Bauer introduces himself to Dodgers-Giants rivalry in style (Video)

Trevor Bauer is having fun in the Los Angeles Dodgers’ rivalry with the San Francisco Giants.

In his first year with the Los Angeles Dodgers, ace pitcher Trevor Bauer is completely leaning into being hated by San Francisco Giants fans.

It is a match made in baseball heaven, as one of the most polarizing players in the league today has joined one side of the MLB‘s most storied rivalries. Bauer made his first start at Oracle Park for the Boys in Blue on Friday night. He dominated the Giants lineup, as he struck out 11 batters in 6.1 innings, allowing one unearned run on two hits and walking four batters. He was feeling it.

Check out Bauer being the closest equivalent to a wrestling heel in baseball today vs. the Giants.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Trevor Bauer is down with the San Francisco Giants hate

Not every star athlete can honestly embrace being the league’s villain. However, Bauer truly does not care what anybody thinks about him. This makes him stirring the pot against rival NL West clubs like the Giants all the more compelling. If every rival team grows to hate him, so be it, especially if the Dodgers catch fire in the second half of the year to win yet another division title.

San Francisco has been one of the best teams in baseball this season. It has been a challenging last few years for the Giants, but they are getting better very quickly. While they nearly made the postseason in an expanded field a year ago, only five teams get in this year out of the National League. There is a great chance both Wild Card teams emerge out of the NL West this season.

Bauer leaning into being public enemy No. 1 for Giants fans is everything we love about baseball.

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