Mike Shildt blasts Joe West for Giovanny Gallegos hat drama (Video)

St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Shlidt remains furious after being ejected from Wednesday’s game after arguing with controversial umpire Joe West. 

Wednesday’s showdown between the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago White Sox featured plenty of drama. As you might have been able to guess, umpire Joe West was in the center of it all. Big shocker, right?

What happened in this case was that St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Shildt called on Giovanny Gallegos to enter the game in the bottom of the seventh. However, it was determined that Gallegos hat to change hats before being able to toss out a pitch. This infuriated Shildt and he was tossed from the game soon after.

Mike Shildt remains furious with Joe West for making Giovanny Gallegos change hats

As you can see in the video above, Shildt is downright furious with how things played out here. Gallegos entered the game and was ready to make an impact for his skipper. Instead, West got all bent out of shape about his hat, undoubtedly throwing the hurler off his game.

Shildt knew this, which is why he let West hear all about it. With him getting ejected, you already know this is something he had all over his mind while St. Louis went out and recorded the 4-0 victory with its manager already back in the clubhouse.

What kind of illegal substance did West see on Gallegos’ hat? Who knows. His quick trigger in ejecting Shildt, though, is something that has countless fans in St. Louis beyond annoyed. Shildt barely even had a chance to get words in before his day was over. Time and time again, West angers baseball fans for his behavior. On Wednesday, he infuriated the Cardinals and Shildt due to a hat. Unreal.

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