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Twitter makes Pirates 1B Will Craig walk the plank after his first base blunder

Twitter wants Pittsburgh Pirates first baseman Will Craig to walk the plank after this complete mental meltdown defensively.

Pittsburgh Pirates first baseman Will Craig has been give the black spot by Twitter after his horrendous blunder vs. the Chicago Cubs on Thursday afternoon.

The last person to screw up this badly at first base was Bill Buckner of the 1986 AL Champion Boston Red Sox. There were two outs in the top of the third inning, and all Craig had to do was step on the first base bag to retire Javy Baez. Instead, he got baited by the Cubs shortstop and he swallowed it hook, line and sinker. This is the latest example of when keeping it reel goes wrong.

Every now and then, awful youth baseball makes its triumphant return to the big-league stage.

Will Craig is the worst thing to happen to the Pirates since Sid Bream slid

When noted Yinzer Pat McAfee demands for you to sell the team, you need to Hammer Dahn and bet on yourself to reclaim this sunken Pirates ship. Otherwise, who is going to, honestly?

Mark Madden is going to have a field day plundering the Pirates’ blunder with Craig being their latest example of esteemed stooge-ry.

There is no amount of Iron City beer, pierogis or Primanti Brothers sandwiches that will magically make any Yinzer feel better after this latest Pirates debacle. This is the worst thing to happen to the franchise since Barry Bonds gave Andy Van Slyke the finger right before Sid Bream slide in the 1992 NLCS. This was a defensive lapse some 31 years in the making and by god, was it glorious!

The only person who benefits from this in Western Pennsylvania is reviled Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Tristan Jarry, the same guy who was responsible for letting the expansion Vegas Golden Knights rip the beloved Marc-Andre Fleury away from them years ago. Even if the Penguins were eliminated by the New York Islanders on Wednesday, it won’t be long before the Stillers play again.

Football season will be here soon rather than later, but in the meantime, just stay afloat, Yinzers.

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