Alek Manoah’s mom crying tears of joy during his debut is incredible (Video)

Top Toronto Blue Jays prospect Alek Manoah is making his MLB debut on Thursday and his mom could not be more proud of him. 

Wednesday’s showdown between the Toronto Blue Jays and New York Yankees is one Alek Manoah and his family will never forget. The hard-throwing righty is making his MLB debut, with the top prospect certainly living up to the hype in this one.

In awesome fashion, Manoah’s mom was on hand to watch him appear in his first big-league game. As you might have been able to guess, it’s an emotional moment for her in the best way possible.

Video is Alek Manoah’s mom crying during his debut is amazing to watch

Those are beautiful tears of joy from Manoah’s mom. You know this is so awesome for her. After all those little league games and feeding him orange slices after a win or loss, it’s now time to see her baby boy light up the stage at Yankee Stadium. This is something kids dream about growing up, and now it’s a reality for Manoah.

To make the above clip even better, you can see just how jacked up his mom was when he recorded his first strikeout. The whole family was going nuts and rightfully so. Blue Jays fans have been waiting a while now to see what Manoah is made of and he’s surely answered the call.

This start figures to be the first of many for him with Toronto. Him making some early noise in the Bronx is only going to add to the excitement for his potential with the club. Everyone can’t wait to see how his year will shape out, and folks in Toronto will be ready to cheer their hearts out for him. No one more so than mom.

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