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Juan Lagares’ foul ball busted a window and fans had to be moved (Photo)

Angels outfielder Juan Lagares busted a window at the Oakland Coliseum with a foul ball as Los Angeles battled the Athletics.

Sunday’s game between the Angels and the Athletics in Oakland had a backyard feel to it.

Seriously, Juan Lagares broke a window.

Unlike a backyard game, this wasn’t a car windshield or the window of an unfortunate neighbor. At a professional ballpark with supposedly shatter-proof glass, Lagares did that thing that would have sent all the neighborhood kids scattering to avoid trouble.

Here’s how it happened:

As pieces from the broken window began to fall out, fans didn’t stick around to test the continued structural integrity of the glass.

Oakland’s windows are taking a beating against the Angels

According to MLB’s Justice delos Santos, Stephen Piscotty hit a foul ball off a nearby window after Lagares. Fans chanted “Break the glass!” in response.

That’s a new one. It might also be part of the reason the A’s are exploring their relocation options. They already had issues with the venue. The shoddy glass highlights the problems at the stadium, which hasn’t been renovated since 1996.

Sunday’s game was the fourth and final game in the series between the Angels and the Athletics. Oakland won the first two, but LA fought back with a win on Saturday.

Oakland sits first in the AL West with a 31-23 record going into Sunday. The Angels are fourth at 23-29.

Los Angeles took a huge blow when they lost Mike Trout to an extended injury. There’s no replacing Trout, the best player in baseball in any given year, but Lagares has picked up the pace in his absence. He has batted .283/.321/.415 in May. He’s only posted a better batting average in a season twice.

The 32-year-old center fielder joined the Angels from the Mets as a free agent in February.

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