Arizona Diamondbacks, New York Mets

Watch the Diamondbacks hilariously bad outfield play (Video)

The Arizona Diamondbacks had an embarrassing mishap in the outfield against the Mets when Ketel Marte and David Peralta let a ball drop between them.

The Diamondbacks aren’t the worst team in baseball, but they’re close.

If you wondered why, look no further than Monday night’s hilariously bad outfield play involving the outfield.

Center fielder Ketel Marte and left fielder David Peralta royally messed up when both called for a pop fly, then let the ball drop in between them for a double.

Their lack of coordination and communication resulted in a double for Jose Peraza. Their perfectly-timed flinches complete the whole lowlight.

It was a costly mistake. Pitcher Merrill Kelly had gotten two outs and that should have been his final pitch of the inning. Instead, it dropped and put a man on second. He intentionally walked the next batter then gave up an RBI single to Jacob deGrom.

The Mets ended up with a 3-0 lead.

Arizona Diamondback outfielders gifted the New York Mets a run

Mistakes can always happen, but professional outfielders really should be able to sort out that kind of situation without a problem. It’s their job.

The Diamondbacks had reason to feel relatively positive going into their series with the Mets too. They beat the Cardinals 9-2 on Sunday to end a 13-game losing streak. Marte was one of the heroes of that outing with a home run and three RBI.

Instead of building up some positive momentum, the team dropped the ball and handed New York a free run.

Then again, the Mets had deGrom on the mound, so it’s likely the Diamondbacks were always going to lose on Monday. Still, when you’re trying to shock a better opponent, it’s best not to allow mishaps like that one.

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