Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds

Umps try their hardest to gift Cubs a run, replay be damned (Video)

Tony Wolters was out by a mile when he tried to steal home, but the home plate umpire still tried to gift the Cubs a run.

The Cubs’ offense has been far better of late than it had been to begin the season, meaning they don’t need this kind of help from the umpires. Home plate ump Shane Livensparger played into the Cubs’ hand when he called Wolters safe on a steal attempt of home. The reality was so obviously the alternative, and replay showed just that.

The Reds are 3-7 in their last ten games, so the last thing they need is the crew chief and more against them. Thankfully, with the second look and alternate angles of instant replay, it was obvious Wolters was out.

Cubs in the cellar of the NL Central

The Cubs sit in last place in the NL Central entering Sunday’s games, even behind the Reds and Pirates. While they’re expected to sell come the late July trade deadline, they should be far superior than their record indicates. Instead, Chicago’s inconsistent offense and pitching staff can’t seem to sync up, leading to a frustrating first month of the season for fans.

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