Yankees fans seriously considering whether retired Alfonso Soriano would be a lineup upgrade

Alfonso Soriano was in the stands for Friday’s New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox, and some fans are wondering if he can still suit up.

The Yankees lineup has been a problem this season, and for all the wrong reasons. Despite the power potential of the starting nine, the Yankees have failed to make much of an impression at home, even with the short porch at their disposal.

Soriano had an impressive Yankees career, and is already a borderline Hall of Famer. He was dealt to Texas as part of the trade that brought Alex Rodriguez to the Bronx.

He looks like he can still rake, if we’re being honest.

New York Yankees: Fans think Alfonso Soriano can still contribute to the lineup

At 45 years old, Soriano would struggle to leave the yard in most parks. Yet…this is Yankee Stadium! Home runs here aren’t home runs everywhere, so employing him as a designated hitter might actually work in the Yanks favor.

Heck, he’d likely strike out a lot less than Giancarlo Stanton.

How sad is this?

Sure, the Yankees employ Rougned Odor on a regular basis, but Soriano hasn’t hit a baseball since 2014 with these same Yanks. In his big league career, he has 412 home runs and over 2,000 hits.

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