Twitter absolutely destroys Yankees fans who are defending Gerrit Cole

New York Yankees fans are working overtime trying to defend starting pitcher Gerrit Cole for his latest comments and Twitter is having a field day over it. 

What in the world was Gerrit Cole thinking? In case you missed it, Cole was basically asked straight up if he’s used banned substances in the past. More specifically, Cole was asked about Spider Tack. So, how did he respond?

Rather than either respectfully declining to comment or passing on this one, Cole basically said he didn’t know how to answer that question and he’d be happy to have a conversation with MLB about it down the road. Okay then? Since then Yankees fans have been quick to defend him, while others are ripping the team for it.

Gerrit Cole and the Yankees are getting blasted on social media

After watching that clip, it’s easy to see why people are so up in arms against New York and Cole. He simply had to come up with a much better response than this. A quick look at Twitter let’s you know people can’t believe what he said.

While Cole has been brilliant for the Yankees this year, posing a 6-3 mark and 2.26 ERA, he’s gone viral for his awful, awful response to that question. If anything, it’s made him look incredibly guilty. Where was NY’s PR team to step in here?

Cole could have answered that question 1,000 times differently and come off looking so much better. Instead, he completely blew it and MLB fans are letting him know all about it. We’ll see if he ends up taking to Twitter to correct himself or release a statement through the team. Right now, though, all things are bad for the Yankees in this case.

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