Minnesota Twins, New York Yankees

Josh Donaldson wearing a rib protector ahead of Gerrit Cole showdown (Photo)

Leading up to the Yankees vs. Twins showdown on Wednesday night, Josh Donaldson is actually wearing a rib protector.

Get your popcorn ready, MLB fans. There’s sure to be plenty of drama in the Wednesday night showdown between the New York Yankees and Minnesota Twins. This comes after Josh Donaldson called out Gerrit Cole for his comments on sticky substances.

Well, Cole is all set to start on Wednesday night and you better believe he’ll be extra fired up when Donaldson steps up to the plate. Countless folks out there believe Cole will send a message to Donaldson by plunking him. The Minnesota slugger knows this, which is why he’s prepping for things.

Josh Donaldson wearing a rib protector really is something else

Is that Donaldson wearing a rib protector? It sure is. As you might have been able to guess, Twitter is going wild after seeing this photo. Cole made it clear he’s not happy with Donaldson, saying he was taken aback by the veteran’s comments.

Cole has been all over the news because of his controversial response to whether or not he’s ever used Spider Tack. Now, everyone will be waiting to see if he decides to drill Donaldson with some high heat, or shut him up by striking him out. Either way, Donaldson is getting mentally prepared to either be potentially get hit, or prevent Cole from ringing him up.

From start to finish on Wednesday, the Cole-Donaldson battle will be watched closely. There could be some extra fireworks in this contest between the two American League clubs. If Cole indeed throws at Donaldson, we could see the latter charge the mound. While we’d never advocate for that to happen, it’s something that very well could end up happening. Stay tuned.

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