Oakland Athletics are feeding their minor leaguers food from Fyre Festival

Photo have surfaced on social media of what minor league players in the Oakland Athletics system are eating and it’s absolutely shocking. 

It’s been no secret that minor league baseball players have never been treated properly. Their salaries each season are a complete and total joke. It’s been that way for years and things have not changed.

At least they’re eating good, right? Wrong. This week, players in the Oakland Athletics’ system took to social media to share what some of their meals are. To say the food looks terrible would be a complete and total understatement.

MLB news: The food the Oakland Athletics are giving their minor leaguers is an embarrassment

Where to even begin here? The first photo on the left is something that most folks wouldn’t eat even if they’re starving. The players appear to be given two pieces of bread, with stale cheese, lettuce and a tomato. Oh, but don’t worry, they were also provided with what looks to be three-weeks old potato salad.

Then in the second photo… what in the heck is that they’re eating? Some sort of a burrito with awful-looking veggies and two pieces of small chicken? For athletes, top nutrition is always going to be a top priority. The Athletics have gone in a direction here with their young players in absurd fashion.

As we mentioned above, the treatment of minor leaguers has always been a joke. This latest post on social media really brings to light just how bad things are. This looks like prison food, or something that Ja Rule would have served at the controversial Frye Festival.

Maybe one day guys in the minors can be paid the right amount and eat properly. Don’t hold your breath, though, folks.

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