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Kid taunts Alex Bregman at Fenway Park for being a cheater

A Boston Red Sox fan taunts Houston Astros third baseman Alex Bregman for being a cheater while attending a game at Fenway Park.

On today’s episode of Nature is Healing, a Boston Red Sox fan calls Houston Astros third baseman Alex Bregman “a bum” and “a cheater” and that he needs to go bang on a trash can instead of signing autographs for fans at Fenway Park.

Who cares if the Red Sox are about to get swept at home by the visiting Astros in their lone trip to Boston this year? What is more important is for the reasonable Boston crowd to rip every Astros player from the 2017 team for their role in the sign-stealing scandal. It absolutely does not matter that Boston’s manager Alex Cora played a big role with the refuse collector percussion ensemble.

We have had fans in the stands for only a few weeks now, but Bostonians are already in rare form.

Boston Red Sox fan taunts Houston Astros 3B Alex Bregman at Fenway Park

There is something incredibly gratifying about talking smack to somebody you do not know through a chainlink fence or baseball netting. You or your dad paid hard-earned money for those seats behind home plate, so you have every right to be a dog that is all bark and no bite. Bregman had to find the encounter rather amusing. Then again, he and his teammates must be used to this.

In between beautiful alternating renditions of “I Saw the Sign”, “Been Caught Stealing” and “Banging on a Trash Can” blaring over the loud speakers, the boos will echo out of Fenway Park like you thought the hated New York Yankees were in town. Even if the Red Sox struggle to beat the Astros at home, there will always be time for some “Sweet Caroline” to calm them down.

While this may not have been model behavior of an upstanding Bostonian, it is great viral content.

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