Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright admits to using now-banned foreign substances

In light of all the drama surrounding the MLB’s policy changes on foreign substances, Adam Wainwright admitted he’s used them in the past. 

With the MLB putting its foot down on foreign substances for pitchers, baseball fans are collectively losing their minds. Pitchers can now get ejected and face 10-game suspensions if they’re caught using them.

This is something St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright is aware of. At the same time, he’s probably ecstatic this policy change didn’t take place until now. That’s because the veteran hurler has admitted to using sticky substances in the past.

Adam Wainwright revealed he tried foreign substances back in 2019

Per Wainwright, he got his stuff back in 2019 from former Los Angeles Angels staffer Bubba Harkins. Per Sports Illustrated, Harkins was fired after he gave double-digit players the substances, with Wainwright included.

“I’ve got nothing to hide,” Wainwright said via KMOX St. Louis. “What Bubba said is true. I tried it in 2019. Obviously, it didn’t work for me. You can check the order. I only had one order with that guy. I gave it away very soon afterwards.”

Indeed, Wainwright didn’t mince words and said he did try things back in 2019, but after one Venmo order of $300, he decided to cut his losses and no longer use the stuff. The fact that he openly admitted to things is eye-opening, but you’ve got to give him credit here.

Wainwright made it more than clear he has nothing to hide, and that he hasn’t used any sticky substances since. The 39-year-old is 4-5 this season with a 3.95 ERA, adding 73 strikeouts. He’s hoping to help St. Louis win the NL Central this year, but the club has some major work to do, as they sit five games back of the Cubs and Brewers.

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