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Freddie Freeman gave Jacob deGrom best advice yet on injury issues

Atlanta Braves slugger Freddie Freeman reached out to Jacob deGrom to give him some solid advice to combat his injury issues. 

MLB fans across the country, especially in Queens, were panicking on Wednesday when New York Mets hurler Jacob deGrom was pulled from his start against Chicago after three innings. Facing nine batters, deGrom struck out eight, but was dealing with shoulder soreness.

Fortunately for New York, the team is taking things day-to-day with deGrom, as it looks like he’s avoided a serious injury. In order for deGrom to stay healthy, though, Atlanta Braves standout Freddie Freeman delivered him a clear and simple message.

Freddie Freeman wants Jacob deGrom to stop focusing on hitting the rest of the year

Freeman knows that deGrom can do some damage when he’s at the dish, but let’s be real here, the Mets don’t want him for his bat. They love deGrom for his incredible right arm, which has posted a 6-2 record this year and unreal 0.54 ERA. The 111 strikeouts deGrom has recorded is sure to turn your head as well.

While Freeman and deGrom are NL East rivals, the Atlanta superstar won’t hesitate in letting his friend know what’s on his mind. So many others out there likely agree with Freeman. Injuries have unfortunately haunted deGrom throughout the year.

He’s one of the best hurlers in the game and makes baseball so much more exciting when he’s pitching like an absolute beast. If down the road deGrom seriously injured himself, it’d be a massive bummer for the Mets and MLB as a whole. Maybe it’s time for Luis Rojas to just have deGrom stand by and watch pitches go by him whenever he’s up.

New York should do whatever is possible to make sure deGrom is as healthy as possible. He’s simply too good to try and risk anything.

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