Astros fans get definitive proof Jose Altuve can rake without cheating

Houston Astros slugger Jose Altuve is on a tear — one fans grew accustomed to in the years before the 2017 sign-stealing scandal came to light.

Altuve has perhaps been the most victimized by the Astros team actions in that fateful World Series season — and arguably beyond. The former All-Star second baseman remains one of the best players in baseball at his position, but his reputation has been forever tarnish by what he and his teammates willingly took part in to reach baseball’s pinnacle.

Now, Altuve is trying to win us back. No, not Astros fans. They’ll love him forever. I’m talking about the average baseball fan, watching the Astros on a Thursday night for god knows what reason, trying not to root against the franchise that literally stole itself a World Series ring.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m still a little salty. And I have no reason to be.

Altuve is a work of art, a 5-6 infielder who doesn’t look anything like a professional baseball player. He deserves his accolades, not just the hate he rightfully gets at every non-Minute Maid ballpark.

Houston Astros: Jose Altuve is on absolute fire right now

The Astros have hit at least two home runs as a team the last ten games. That tied an MLB record. Altuve himself has eight home runs since June 6, his most ever in a 10-game stretch. He has four homers in his past eight at-bats, more recently.

There are no trash cans, no electronic sign-stealing to help him out this time around (we assume). Altuve is seeing the ball arguably better than ever, and it couldn’t come at a better time for Houston as they chase the Oakland Athletics in the AL West.

Houston entered Friday just two games back in the division.

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