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Here’s why Javier Baez got benched vs Indians (Video)

Chicago Cubs shortstop Javier Baez was benched by manager David Ross after forgetting how many outs there were against the Cleveland Indians.

Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone is a professional baseball player making a pretty boneheaded mistake related to the most basic tenant of the game.

Javier Baez did just that on Monday night as the Cubs took on the Indians at Wrigley Field.

He forgot how many outs there were.

The Cubs trailed 1-0 in the bottom of the fourth inning when Baez took first on a fielders choice. There was just one out on the board, but when Anthony Rizzo flied out on the next at-bat, Baez acted as though there were already two. He took off running for second base then started to trot back to the dugout before the Indians accepted the gift of a double play.

Javier Baez got benched for losing track of the outs

That one deserves a big “yikes.”

To make matters worse, Baez had a stern talking-to from manager David Ross, who benched the shortstop in favor of Sergio Alcantara.

Here’s what it looked like when Baez found out he’d come out.

MLB players make mistakes all the time. The fact that Baez was benched makes this much more of a story. Either Ross didn’t like the way the player responded to the play, or there’s something else going on with Baez.

There is some evidence that Baez wasn’t showing the kind of mental discipline Ross would expect form his shortstop.

Cleveland went on to score two runs on a Josh Naylor home run in the fifth inning.

Not having Baez available when looking to close a deficit isn’t ideal.

The Cubs went into Monday’s game tied with the Brewers in the NL Central at 40-32. The Indians trail the Cubs in-city rival, the White Sox, in the AL Central at 39-30.

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