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3 Cubs trades that make too much sense not to happen

Michael Pineda, Minnesota Twins, Chicago Cubs

Michael Pineda, Minnesota Twins, Chicago Cubs. (Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports)

There are a bunch of potential trades that would make a ton of sense for the Chicago Cubs.

With the Chicago Cubs expected to stay at or near the top of the NL Central standings, trading for any one of these three starting pitchers would make all the sense in the world for them.

After a slow start to the year, the Cubs have played great baseball in May and June. While the division rival Milwaukee Brewers have heated up in June, Chicago looks to be one of the best teams in its division once again. Though a bad few weeks might force them into being sellers, a few more good weeks will transform them into obvious buyers, probably looking for pitching help.

Here are three starting pitchers who could be available to help the Cubs go out and win a pennant.

Chicago Cubs: Three trades that make too much sense for them not to happen


Michael Pineda

RHP Minnesota Twins

Michael Pineda improves back-end of rotation coming over from a bad AL team

What will serve the Cubs when trying to upgrade their starting rotation at the deadline would be to identify non-contending teams, preferably those playing over the American League. While other teams have disappointed this year, few have been as miserable as the Minnesota Twins. With Michael Pineda in a contract year, the veteran right-hander is a totally expendable asset for them.

Pineda is 3-4 on the season with a 3.70 ERA and a 1.143 WHIP in 11 starts for the Twins. He has pitched in 56.0 innings for Minnesota, while striking out 51 and walking only 15 batters. In his eight-year big-league career, Pineda’s ERA has never eclipsed 5.00. Though pitching in hitter-friendly Wrigley Field could be challenging, having better run support backing him up should help.

While he has had to spend some time on the Injured List this season, it is not a major concern at this point. He should be back in the Twins rotation a few starts before we really approach the 2021 MLB trade deadline. Trading for Pineda will only be a rental, as he will test the market once again in his free agency. The good news is the Twins may not command a top-tier prospect for him.

The Cubs could also look to upgrade their starting rotation in a big way by adding this superstar.

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