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Fans hate Joe Buck’s Dodgers vs. Cubs commentary and they aren’t afraid to say it

The MLB tradition of hating on Joe Buck flourished as fans complained about the Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago Cubs broadcast.

It’s a weekend during baseball season. So, of course, Joe Buck is trending on Twitter.

The MLB broadcaster is not the most popular man in baseball, as evidenced by the way fans enjoy complaining about him every time he’s on a national broadcast.

On Saturday, that broadcast was the third meeting of the Dodgers and Cubs at Dodger Stadium.

Twitter had thoughts about his outing.

MLB fans on Twitter let loose on Joe Buck during the Dodgers-Cubs game

As soon as some fans heard Buck’s voice, they knew they were done.

Reactions were pretty fervent.

For a few, it had been a while.

Others came very prepared for the occasion.

It wasn’t all general complaining about not wanting to listen to Buck. A lot of fans came with very specific complaints about the broadcast.

If there’s one thing Buck does well, it’s bringing fans together.

Buck is the lead play-by-play announcer for MLB and the NFL, so fans who don’t like him really don’t have much recourse. He’s there and they have to deal with it.

Dodgers fans who tuned in for Saturday’s action at least got a victory for their trouble. Cody Bellinger hit a walk-off home run to end the game in the bottom of the ninth inning.

Los Angeles has bounced back with two wins after the Cubs logged a combined no-hitter in their first meeting of the series.

Sunday will conclude the series in LA.

The Cubs are two games back in the NL Central and looking to even up the series in the finale. The Dodgers are also second in the NL West, but they’re four games back. If they win on Sunday, they will take the series after being swept by Chicago earlier this season.

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