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Incredible Andy Reid doppelgänger shows up at Royals game

Andy Reid’s doppelgänger attends a Kansas City Royals game in spectacular fashion.

It may not be Andy Reid, but the closest approximation was in attendance at a Kansas City Royals game.

While it would have been amazing to see the Kansas City Chiefs head coach at Kauffman Stadium taking in another rendition of America’s pastime, we just have to settle for his doppelgänger instead. Fortunately for all of us, Almost Andy Reid attending a Royals game did not disappoint. You better believe he had to sign several autographs from the stands on behalf of his lookalike.

With Reid’s doppelgänger in attendance, there is no way the Royals could ever lose a game again.

Andy Reid’s doppelgänger makes this Kansas City Royals game even better

Just imagine sitting next to Imitation Andy Reid in the Kauffman Stadium grandstands. He would be eating the most delectable cheeseburger known to man, dressed in the finest Royals Tommy Bahama you could ever hope to find at a Greater Kansas City Area sporting goods store. If this is not a walking advertisement for the pinnacle of success of mankind, I don’t know what to tell you.

As long as the Chiefs are not playing across the parking lot at Arrowhead, put doppelgänger Reid in the stands to cheer on the Royals. It is not a matter of if they will go 81-0 at home, but rather a matter of when. Graced by his presence, the Royals will play better just knowing he is there to cheer them on. If he can lead the Royals in a rallying cry in the latter innings, it will be even better.

If you could have sworn that was Coach Reid at Kauffman Stadium, you would not be alone.

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