Terry Francona gives concerning update on Josh Naylor

Cleveland Indians fans remain incredibly concerned after Josh Naylor suffered a serious injury in Sunday’s game. 

The Cleveland Indians vs. Minnesota Twins showdown had an unfortunate scene on Sunday, as outfielder Josh Naylor was on the wrong end of a brutal collision. Naylor landed awkwardly on his leg/angle and was in a tremendous amount of pain.

He was of course taken off the field and then taken to the hospital. Now, skipper Terry Francona has confirmed that Naylor has suffered a bone fracture, which of course mean’s he’s going to be out for a while. Just brutal.

Josh Naylor is set to miss an extended period of time due to his injury

As soon as Naylor went down, you could tell just how serious his injury was. He was in so much pain, yelling out while he was on the floor. His teammates were immediately incredibly concerned and rightfully so.

The Twins went on to win this game 8-2, but that’s the furthest thing from anyone’s mind right now. The focus is on Naylor, who remains in the hospital. He’s been showered with love and support from fans – and not just of the Indians.

No one ever wants to see someone go down like this. It’s really tough to watch the video of his injury. On the year, the lefty was hitting .253 with seven home runs and 21 RBI. For Cleveland, they’re still chasing the Chicago White Sox for first place in the AL Central, but the team is hoping to go on a big-time run this summer and fall to take the division title from them.

With Naylor suffering his bone fracture (Francona didn’t specify which one), he’ll have to support his teammates off the field. Cleveland could now look to make some trades before the deadline too.

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