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Tyler Duffey’s suspension for throwing at Yermin Mercedes is a joke

MLB has announced that Minnesota Twins pitcher Tyler Duffey has been suspended for three games and that’s absurd. 

Minnesota Twins fans are furious right now and we don’t blame them for it. That’s because MLB has announced that both pitcher Tyler Duffey and manager Rocco Baldelli have been suspended after the Twins threw at White Sox slugger Yermin Mercedes earlier this week.

On Tuesday night, Duffey indeed tried to hit Mercedes, but the pitch went behind him. Duffey got tossed, as did Baldelli. Despite Tony La Russa even coming out and saying there was nothing wrong with what he saw, MLB has a different opinion. Duffey’s suspension is three games, while Baldelli will be out for one contest.

Tyler Duffey and Rocco Baldelli getting suspended makes zero sense

This of course all started thanks to Mercedes hitting his homer off a 3-0 count. La Russa blew things completely out of proportion and said that Mercedes would pay the consequences for this. Why? Because the manager said Mercedes broke the unwritten rules of baseball.

Again, this wasn’t that big of a deal. However, with La Russa’s comments, the homer made countless headlines when it really didn’t need to. The Twins then took matters into their own hands and sent a message to Mercedes and the White Sox by throwing at him.

However, the pitch never even made contact with Mercedes. Despite that, Duffey was sent to the clubhouse for an early shower, as was Baldelli. Now, MLB’s decision to suspend the two is an absolute joke. If anything, La Russa is the one should be punished for how he’s handled everything. Had he not been so insane about things, this would never even be a topic of discussion. Unbelievable.

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