Brian Snitker finally listened to Braves fans and stood up for Ronald Acuña

Atlanta manager Brian Snitker stood up for Ronald Acuña after another Miami Marlins HBP and Braves fans absolutely loved it.

The Marlins and the Braves have a history, especially when it comes to Ronald Acuña.

When Miami pitcher Pablo Lopez hit Acuña in the side with the very first pitch of the game on Friday, Atlanta manager Brian Snitker made sure there were consequences.

Snitker stormed out of the dugout and complained to the umpires, who decided to throw Lopez out of the game.

Braves fans were pleased with Brian Snitker’s defense of Ronald Acuña Jr.

Fans in Atlanta were quite surprised by the turn of the events, particularly the response of the manager many feel isn’t vocal enough.

Mostly, fans were glad to see Snitker stand up for Acuña, who has been hit by pitches eight times this year and has been hit by the Marlins specifically five times in his career.

Snitker answered the question Braves fans have been asking of him.

Funnily enough, some would have been happy just to see him kick up a fuss, even if he got ejected. Instead, Marlins manager Don Mattingly was the one who got tossed.

The broadcast and others were critical of the umpires for the quick ejection, but fans stood by the manager and his complaint.

People are now wondering what will happen if the Marlins hit Acuña again.

It didn’t exactly work out well for the Marlins this time. In addition to getting the starting pitcher ejected, Acuña scored the winning run off a sacrifice fly in the first inning. He was on base because of the HBP.

It’s set up to be a fascinating series, with two more games of potential drama on deck.

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