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Marlins Twitter account calls out umpires for ejecting Pablo Lopez over Ronald Acuña Jr. HBP

The Miami Marlins Twitter account went after the umpires for ejecting Pablo Lopez after he hit Atlanta Braves leadoff hitter Ronald Acuña Jr. in the first at-bat of the ballgame.

No, the Miami Marlins official Twitter account was less than thrilled about starting pitcher Pablo Lopez getting tossed for hitting Atlanta Braves leadoff batter Ronald Acuña Jr. on Friday night.

It was incredibly controversial for the umpires to eject Lopez after the first at-bat of the game. Marlins skipper Don Mattingly also got tossed for arguing with the umps. It was such an egregious move by the umpiring crew that even Braves legend Tom Glavine thought the whole thing was ridiculous. The 300-game winner wanted the players to police themselves like in the old days.

The Marlins official Twitter account let us all know about how the Fish feel about Lopez’s ejection.

Miami Marlins Twitter crushes umpires for tossing Pablo Lopez from the game

While the Marlins have a tough history of hitting Acuña all the time, a simple warning would have probably sufficed here. Keep in mind that these two NL East rivals have not had good seasons, despite qualifying for the postseason a year ago. They also play each other six times over the next nine days. Tensions are going to be high, so there is no need for the umpires to exacerbate things.

Acuña would come around to score the first run on the game on an Ozzie Albies sacrifice fly. Ross Detwiler had to come in out of the bullpen to salvage Lopez getting tossed so abruptly. This whole ordeal delayed the game close to 15 minutes. Apparently, the umpires didn’t want Atlanta starter Drew Smyly to plunk Lopez or someone like Jesus Aguilar in the back in retaliation. It was so dumb.

Things have thankfully settled down a bit after the umpires decided to eject Lopez from the game.

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