Braves channel Max Fried’s game-winning hit in Monday’s lineup announcement

The Atlanta Braves revealed their lineup for Monday’s game, featuring slugger Max Fried.

Fried played the role of hero on Sunday afternoon, after the umpires took a win away from the Braves via a play at the plate. No, this one didn’t involve Alec Bohm.

Fried personified pitchers who rake, as his career batting average didn’t matter against the Marlins. In a big spot, he came through.

On Monday, Fried will take the mound Shohei Ohtani-style. He will hit for himself, of course, since we’re in the archaic National League. The Braves revealed their lineup for Monday night with a funny reference to Fried’s walk-off, calling him their “slugger”.

Atlanta Braves could get back in the playoff race

The Braves are just 3.5 games back in the National League East, with the Mets in front as of this writing. Atlanta is a modest 6-4 in their last ten contests, taking advantage of their series against the Marlins.

All things considered, the Braves will take that. Atlanta got off to a miserable start. They faced numerous injuries to their pitching staff, and have lost Marcell Ozuna for (likely) the season and perhaps beyond.

Suddenly, the Braves don’t look like clear sellers at the trade deadline. There’s no guarantee they’ll buy heavily, either, but considering they still have a chance in the division they’ll at the very least hold onto key players in hopes of making a late-season run.

Another win on Monday night will go a long way in building confidence moving forward.

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