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Diamondbacks fan juggles child and beer while making amazing one-handed catch (Video)

A Diamondbacks fan made an incredible one-handed catch while juggling a baby in one hand and a beer in the other during the Giants game.

While life is great for basketball fans in Phoenix these days, baseball fans in Arizona haven’t had much to cheer for this season.

The Diamondbacks are 23-63 with the worst record in the league.

Luckily, Arizona fans were gifted an incredible highlight from the stands on Sunday.

You’ve seen one-handed catches. You’ve seen catches with children in the arms. You’ve seen catches with a beer in hand. But this one took all three elements and combined them into one amazing moment.

If you watch it just once, you might miss some of the finer details of the catch. The fan literally dropped the child to reach up to make the catch. With the ball in his left hand and a full beer in his right, he recovered quickly to grab the kid mid-fall. Props to the kid for holding onto their bottle through all the chaos.

The reaction of the fan in the black t-shirt and black hat says it all.

A Diamondbacks fan had arguably the best catch of the season for Arizona

If only Arizona’s play on the field was so well coordinated. The Diamondbacks lost to the Giants 5-2. They trailed 5-0 in the sixth before entertaining the fans with a bit of a teaser rally in the bottom of the ninth.

Since they managed a 5-3 win to start the four-game series with the Giants, they at least avoided the sweep against one of the best teams in baseball this year.

Next up, the Diamondbacks will welcome the Rockies to Chase Field for a three-game series. They’ll head to Los Angeles to battle the Dodgers before the All-Star break arrives.

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