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Nolan Arenado opens up on how he feels about returning to Coors Field

All eyes will be on superstar third baseman Nolan Arenado, as he’ll make his return to Coors Field on Thursday with the St. Louis Cardinals. 

Thursday night is going to be emotional for St. Louis Cardinals third baseman Nolan Arenado. After spending the first eight years of his career at Coors Field with the Colorado Rockies, the NL West club traded him to the Cards last offseason.

There’s no denying there was some beef between Arenado and the front office. With that said, this was a place Arenado used to call home for so long. While he might be trying to play things cool, he also didn’t hesitate in saying things are going to be a little weird for him and that he’s starting to get a littler nervous. 

Nolan Arenado is ready to return to Coors Field on Thursday night

While meeting with reporters, Arenado said that he’s hopeful that the majority of fans will cheer for him. At the same time, he knows that some folks may be unhappy with him and choose to boo instead.

“I think they (Rockies fans) understand what I did and they appreciate what I did,” Arenado said via Sports Illustrated. “You’re gonna get some fans that’ll probably be upset. I think they’re gonna appreciate it. I hope so.”

Arenado was nothing short of sensational for the Rockies during his time in Denver. In his eight campaigns with the club, he hit .293, with 235 home runs and 760 RBI. He played in the All-Star game five times and won six Gold Gloves. He was the definition of a star player for the Rockies.

Now, he’s focused on trying to help the Cardinals get back in the NL Central race. Despite that being his priority, Arenado is human after all. Thursday won’t be easy for him and understandably so.

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