Marquee sports network completely botches Cubs go-ahead home run (Video)

Chicago Cubs catcher Willson Contreras hit a go-ahead home run against the Diamondbacks, but fans at home didn’t get a chance to watch the most important part.

Marquee Sports Network already doesn’t get many rave reviews from the Chicago area, and this won’t help matters. With the Cubs trying to come from behind and win on the road, catcher Willson Contreras hit a massive go-ahead home run to give the Cubs a 3-2 lead. The Cubs backstop is one of the better hitting catchers in the National League, and he proved it again on Saturday.

That was a fun…half home run? Contreras clearly got all of the ball, and then Marquee blacked out before it landed. Cubs fans are safe to assume it was a home run given Contreras is rounding the bases at a stable pace, but is there any way we’ll really know?

Chicago Cubs: Willson Contreras likely not on the trading block this deadline

While the Cubs are in full sell mode, Contreras doesn’t appear to be available, and for good reason. Catcher is a routinely tough position to fill, and Contreras isn’t on the final year of his deal. It might make sense for the Cubs to re-sign him this offseason and build around him long-term.

For now, the Cubs are all-in on selling some of their core, including the likes of Kris Bryant and Craig Kimbrel.

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