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Yankees fans really booed a baby wearing Red Sox colors

The grudge between New York Yankees fans and Boston Red Sox fans knows no bounds.

Booing opposing players and their fans is part and parcel of enjoying yourself at the ballgame. But it takes a serious distaste for your opponent to boo an infant child. That’s what happened during the Saturday evening ballgame between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.

A crying baby was shown on the big screen at Yankee Stadium. He had a Red Sox jersey on, so naturally, Yankees fans immediately booed. Credit to the videoboard people, they sure do know how to get a reaction from the crowd.

One might not be surprised at such a thing during the MLB playoffs, but in July? Are New Yorkers really that cold?

Even infants aren’t immune to Yankee fans booing

The rivalry between two of baseball’s oldest and most decorated clubs has to be one of the fiercest in all of sports. But even then, booing a crying child seems pretty heartless. Perhaps Yankees fans are just jealous of the Red Sox, who are currently tied for first place in the American League. New York is just barely hovering above .500, after all. With the team in the midst of a full-blown COVID outbreak, things are likely to get worse before they get better for Yankees fans.

Meanwhile, that young Red Sox fan is going to develop some thick skin visiting Yankee Stadium. And he’ll need it.

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