Nationals broadcast picked up gunshots live while heading to commercial break (Video)

The Washington Nationals broadcast picked up the gunshots that resulted in four people being wounded outside of Nationals Park.

The Washington Nationals vs. San Diego Padres game took a horrific turn on Saturday night. Gunfire rang out from outside the ballpark, which resulted in four people being shot and injured. The Nationals alerted people of the situation from the Twitter account, urging fans to avoid leaving from the third base exit. That location was where the active shooter was last seen, and the shots were heard from that side of the stadium.

The news sent the entire stadium into chaos as fans and players scurried to find the nearest shelter. The broadcast team for Washington was able to pick up gunshot audio as they were going to a commercial break in the middle of the sixth inning.

National broadcast picked up audio of gunshots outside Nationals park

Fans who were watching the game might’ve heard the gunshots from the shooting on their television. As pitcher Patrick Corbin was being checked for illegal substances, viewers can hear the shots ring out in the background. The noise of the fans in the ballpark makes it difficult at first, but the shots can be heard in the clip.

The information about shooting outside the Nationals’ ballpark is still developing, and law enforcement is actively working to find the shooter. Here are parts of the statement made by D.C. police regarding the shooting from their Twitter account.

“This is currently an active investigation, and it appears there is no ongoing threat at this time. As a result of the shooting incident, tonight’s @Nationals game has been suspended,” D.C. police said via Twitter.

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