Cardinals minor-leaguers forced to sleep on chairs in a conference room

Minor leaguers in the St. Louis Cardinals organization had the worst hotel accommodations ever on a road trip to San Antonio.

Road trips are hard enough without miserable conditions adding to the stress.

Minor leaguers for the St. Louis Cardinals‘ Double-A affiliate had a nightmare in San Antonio when they were forced to sleep in a hotel conference room.

The video of players sleeping on top of chairs pushed together in a row as makeshift beds speak for itself.

According to Nick Plummer, Springfield’s 24-year-old outfielder, the hotel was to blame for not saving the team’s reservation.

Finding another set of rooms at 3:00 a.m. wasn’t possible, apparently.

Someone screwed up big time, and the minor leaguers are the ones who had to pay the price.

Cardinals minor leaguers aren’t the only ones forced into ridiculous situations

Whether or not this was an avoidable flub, the plight of minor-league baseball players continues to be highlighted with examples of ridiculous conditions for professional athletes to endure.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported on an astounding situation in Oakland, where A’s minor leaguers have to pay more for their stay at the team hotel in Stockton during a homestand than their paycheck could cover. At least when they go on the road, the team covers their hotel costs.

As the Cardinals proved, that can be a godsend for the wallet, but hell on the back.

Minor leaguers can’t seem to catch a break. It’ll be up to Major League Baseball to start addressing all these issues.

The Springfield Cardinals are set to play six games in San Antonio this week. They’ll be more rested for the second game of that series on Wednesday than Tuesday’s outing, assuming the team sorts out their hotel situation.

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