Ted Cruz had a baffling reaction to the Cleveland Indians name change

Ted Cruz had a reaction to the Cleveland Indians name change that’s so baffling you’re going to either want to sit down when you read it.

Part-time Texas senator turned full-time internet troll Ted Cruz had some thoughts on the new Cleveland Guardians name.

The man who famously failed to defend his wife’s honor when a sexual predator verbally abused her came to the defense of the billionaire Dolan family on Friday morning. The Dolan’s own the MLB team in Cleveland that announced this morning it was changing its name to the Guardians.

It’s a name change that comes after decades of pushback from Native American advocacy groups and like-minded individuals who called out the Indians and their Chief Wahoo logo and identified it as racist. It’s also a move that comes across as rather transparently reluctant, with Cleveland doing little more than changing the name while completely glossing over the reason for the name change in all of the hype surrounding the announcement.

Cruz, who is neither from Cleveland nor a fan of the baseball team nor is he Native American or a billionaire, rushed to call out the name change.

Ted Cruz had an insane take on the Cleveland Indians name change.

He dragged his knuckles across his phone screen and tweeted the following:

In a  follow-up, which if it were hanging in a museum would be titled Man who licked peanut butter off his phone screen‘, Cruz tweeted some clarification of this initial comment:

There currently isn’t a phrase or term to describe using your daughter and her friends as patsies to sheepishly flee a natural disaster you helped create, but the Astros changed their name once already in the team’s history and maybe Cruz can compel them to change it again.

Call it liberalism or call it capitalism, but mainly be sure to also call it what it is. Native Americans are not mascots for middle-aged white men to turn a profit on or use as props in their scheme for social media engagement.

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