Jed Hoyer has painful admission of Cubs future after fire sale

Chicago Cubs fans will not like what general manager Jed Hoyer said on the radio Monday.

With the Chicago Cubs selling off seemingly everyone of note during the trade deadline, general manager Jed Hoyer’s comments on 670 The Score Monday morning should not sit well within the passionate baseball fanbase.

Hoyer’s painful admission of not knowing when the Cubs will field a competitive team again is nothing short of sad. Chicago traded away all of its cornerstones, from Anthony Rizzo, to Javy Baez, to Craig Kimbrel, to Kris Bryant. Though we all knew a rebuild was coming, one would have thought the team’s general manager who made all these trades would be confident in doing so.

We should anticipate a few years of bad baseball on the horizon at the Friendly Confines now.

Jed Hoyer admits Chicago Cubs may not be competitive for a very long time

Look. Every organization has a competitive life cycle. You cannot win every year forever. While the Cubs needed to rebuild for financial reasons, Hoyer and the organization have to do a better job of selling a bright future with the seeds they have planted in the farm system. It was a brutal fire sale to watch from afar, so they need to do a better job of selling even the slightest sliver of hope here.

While Hoyer added that what the new collective bargaining agreement looks like or what future free agent markets provide will help hasten the rebuild, the Cubs are their fans are entering a dark tunnel with only a speck of light at the other end of it. Again, this is all contingent on the revamped Cubs farm system yielding a bountiful harvest in the seasons to come. Otherwise, this is terrible.

Hoyer being brutally honest about when the Cubs will compete again is at least a starting point.

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