Mariners’ Erik Swanson pleads with fans to stop threatening wife after blown lead

Honestly, we are hearing these stories way too often. 

Mariners pitcher, Erik Swanson, took to social media on Sunday to plead with fans to stop DMing his wife threatening messages. C’mon people … do better.

The tweet comes after Swanson blew the 3-1 lead entering the ninth inning. He gave up a single and then back-to-back home runs, losing the game. But seriously, that’s not a reason to threaten a pitcher’s life, let alone his wife and family.

“Never would I ever think I’d have to sit here and write something like this. I think the Mariners have the best fans in the world,” he wrote.

Erik Swanson wants fans to do better … and so do we

“Today I should have been better,” he wrote. “I take full responsibility for today’s loss. I have no problem seeing fans yell at me and call me everything in the book inside my DMs. But when you threaten my family and go inside my wife’s DMs and comment on her pictures wishing death upon us, that’s where I draw the line.”

This is unfortunately nothing new. In 2014 Nick Wittgren posted a similar message to fans.

Some things never change.

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